Tinder Abroad: Volume I

For people that know me personally, they know that I have had my share of worldly partners while I was traveling. But once smart phones and Tinder were on the table, the game totally changed. After the worst couple of months of my life, I decided to take an impulse trip to Vietnam.

The first guy I met off Tinder in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), a quiet French man named Nicholas, but let’s just call him Nick for good ol’ American sake, eh? Keep in mind, while traveling, you’re not really wearing your cutest clothes, so I threw on some yoga pants and a t-shirt and he picked me up on his moped. The great thing about ex-pats that live abroad – they have mopeds!

So we go to some district that’s really ‘artsy’ and ‘hip’ – and we eat at this awesome barbecue place where they bring a grill to your table & you choose the meat/veg that you grill. We ate ostrich! The food was exciting. The date… was not.

Nicks English was pretty good, so communicating wasn’t hard… it’s the finding interesting things to talk about.

We talked about work & what we did back home, why we were abroad, etc etc. No real spark though – none of that “OMG, you too?!” epiphanies.

I thought it was perfect for both of us since it was my second day there and he seemed really lonely. But the problem with a lot of ex-pats is that they’re actually looking for girlfriends, which is hard when all you’re meeting is travelers. Sometimes you can just see the longing in their eyes… or maybe that’s desperation.

I have to be honest and say that there was nothing remarkable about this date… even while being in a new country, new city, new experiences… All I really remember was that he imported fancy wine to Vietnam and made a French salary doing it. Pretty remarkable in a country where you can survive off of $7/day.

We did some walking around & soon it was good ol’ communist curfew time – midnight. So he dropped me back at my hostel & we said goodnight.

It wasn’t until I was getting ready the next morning that I see a message from him on Tinder asking, “Why didn’t you invite me up to your room last night?”

Honey… Not only did you not let the sparks fly, but anyone that’s ever stayed in a hostel before (aka gotten kicked out of them! – story for later) knows you can’t exactly invite Tinder dates up. So unless you’re paying for a hotel or bringing me back to yours, no invite.

Thanks for dinner though. XOXO

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